vintage jukebox is the musical love child of husband and wife duo kimba and ryan.

Kimba and Ryan fell in love over music 20 years ago and have honed their musical sounds playing everywhere from the most intimate clubs to some of the world’s biggest festival stages. Although they come from the jazz and blues traditions, they share a love of great songs from every genre.


In 2019, Kimba & Ryan and their family embark on a world trip to take their music to the masses, including a 6 month trip around Australia. The goal is simple; to bring great music to people in towns, villages, hamlets, roadside truckstops, farmer's markets, and the swanky jazz bars they are accustomed to. They're excited to play in places that don't often get live bands through.

Kimba and Ryan  play it from the heart, and have created VINTAGE JUKEBOX as a means of making their music accessible to everybody. Playing across styles and genres, and always giving the classics their unique spin, and the benefit of the many thousands of gigs they've played together.


Check the map to see which route they are taking, and please, book them in! Ideally they seek afternoon/early evening gigs on a weekend, places they can bring their three 'roadies' along!